Audit Report

A professional examination and verification performed by either an independent party or internal audit function of a company’s accounting documents and supporting data. Upon completion of the examination, the auditor will render an opinion as to the fairness, consistency, and conformity of the information with GAAP.

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Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is a financial statement that gives an accounting picture of assets owned by the association and of claims against those assets on a specific date. One part of the balance sheet lists assets, while another part shows liabilities and the owner’s equity. ASSETS must always equal LIABILITIES + NET WORTH. Therefore a balance sheet is often described as a “snapshot” of the association’s financial condition at a given point in time.

Financial-Balance Sheet December 31, 2014
Financial-Balance Sheet November 30, 2014
Financial-Balance Sheet October 31, 2014

LG Financials May 2014
LG Financials Apr 2014
LG Financials Mar 2014
LG Financials Feb 2014
LG Financials Jan 2014

LYG Bal 12-13
LYG Bal 11-13
LYG Bal 10-13
LYG Bal 9-13

2012 Budget

An estimate of income and expenses for the 2012 fiscal year.

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2013 Budget

An estimate of income and expenses for the 2013 fiscal year.

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2014 Budget

An estimate of income and expenses for the 2014 fiscal year.

General Budget:

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Cluster Home Specific Budget:

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Reserve Data Analysis 2014

Cluster Homes – 2014

General – 2014

Compilation Report

Financial statements and supplementary information.

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Income & Expense Report

A financial statement that contains a summary of the Associations’ financial operations for a specific period of time. It shows the net profit or loss for the period by stating the company’s revenues and expenses.

Financial-Income and Expense Statement December 2014
Financial-Income and Expense Statement November 2014
Financial-Income and Expense Statement October 2014

LYG I & E 9-13
LYG I & E 10-13
LYG I & E 11-13
LYG I & E 12-13