Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I contact for clubhouse rental information? Property Manager, Matt Johnson at 602.437.4777 Extension 2196 or Please review the forms, rules and cost in the Association Rules and Design Guidelines prior to contacting Matt for availability.

How do I go about obtaining or replacing a pool key? Pool keys are generally provided to owners by individual sales agents when closing on a home purchase. If one wasn’t provided or if you’ve lost your pool key, contact the Association Coordinator at 602-437-4777 ext 2104 can assist you. Replacement keys are available to members in good standing for the sum of fifty (50) dollars.

I purchased a resale home, was not given a mailbox key and don’t know where my mailbox is located. A Post Office representative referred me to the HOA. Can you help? Postal employees should be aware that the HOA doesn’t maintain individual mailboxes or have a list of individual mailbox locations. In order to locate your box, we recommend that you speak to the local Postmaster or carrier. You may also determine the location by asking the neighbors on either side of you which boxes they own. If you don’t have keys, you’ll need to contact a company such as Express Mailbox Services who will replace the lock and provide you with keys for a reasonable fee.

What’s the best method for reporting a hazardous common area condition, cluster home landscaping issue or after-hours emergency? During Monday through Friday business hours, please contact Community Manager, Matt Johnson on his mobile phone at 602.472.2304 with a backup e-mail notification if possible at For emergency common area conditions which occur after 5pm or during the weekend, please call our corporate office at 602.437.4777 and follow the prompt to reach the Emergency On-call Manager.

What is the process for disputing a collection fee, a CC&R fine or clearing a compliance matter from my account which has since been resolved?  Our Community Manager, Matt Johnson is happy to assist you with such matters and you’re welcome to call him in order to discuss. Please know that he’ll ultimately ask you to put your Association request in writing to for verification, account history research and processing.

Do I need to obtain Architectural Committee approval before installing a pool, pergola, play structure or driveway extension? How about other exterior changes to my property?  Yes. Per the governing documents, all exterior changes, improvements and alterations to individual lots require Architectural Committee approval. Architectural Request Forms can be found on the website and the CPMC Homeowner Account Management Website, Completed forms, drawings and samples should be submitted to the Property Manager, Matt Johnson at for processing.

How do I reserve a park Ramada? Common area park Ramadas are available for use on a first come, first serve basis and there are no reservations involved. If a resident is interested in placing a bounce house or other equipment in the nearby turf, a Common Area Use Form will need to be filled out and returned to the Community Assistant at 602-437-4777 ext 2104 along with the equipment vendor’s insurance certification sheet naming the Lyon’s Gate Community Association as additionally insured.