Articles of Incorporation

Also referred to as a Certificate of Incorporation or charter. The articles of incorporation is the primary legal document of a corporation; they serve as a corporation’s constitution. The articles are filed with the state government to begin corporate existence and contain basic information on the corporation as required by state law.



A legal document stating certain self-imposed rules adopted for the regulation of an associations own actions. Since it is a required element when forming a homeowners association, bylaws are a form of agreement or contract between the board of directors and the homeowners in which the board of directors will conduct itself in a certain way.


Contact Numbers

Print this list of important contact numbers and keep it for reference in a convenient location.


Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s)

A series of regulations set up by neighborhoods or housing developments that govern various construction features as well as control the nature and character of a property development for the benefit of current and future owners. The limitations placed on the use and enjoyment of real property are intended to maintain a certain look within the neighborhood. Some of the covenants, conditions or restrictions may require certain setbacks for installed items, fence heights and types, paint colors, parking rules and much more. By law, the board of directors must enforces this, along with, the other community documents.


Certificate of Liability Insurance

View Lyon’s Gate’s Certificate of Liability.


Rules & Regulations

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