Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee is mainly responsible for reviewing all the architectural requests submitted for Lyon’s Gate. An architectural request is needed for most exterior changes to the home and/or landscape. Please see the architectural rules for more information.

Committee Charter


The Lyon’s Gate Board of Directors (LGBOD) has authorized the establishment of the Architectural Committee to perform those functions as set forth in the CC&Rs.  These functions include, but are not limited to, receiving and reviewing Architectural and Design Requests from homeowners, determining the feasibility of each request based upon performing due diligence, making a decision as to the response to be given to the homeowner regarding their request, and informing the homeowner and property management company of its decision in writing within a timely fashion per the CC&Rs.  The purpose of the Committee is to ensure that homeowner’s requests and concerns regarding additions or modifications to their property are addressed in an impartial and timely manner and that at all times the welfare and integrity of the entire community are upheld.


The Architectural Committee will be chaired by the Architectural Chairperson who will be appointed by the LGBOD. The Chairperson must be a homeowner in good standing at Lyon’s Gate. This appointment will continue as long as he/she is a member of the Lyon’s Gate Home Owners Association (LGHOA) and will end upon his/her resignation or removal from the Committee by the LGBOD. The Chairperson will be responsible for all communication to and from the Board, but may delegate this responsibility on a case-by-case basis to any other committee member.  In addition to the Chairperson, the Committee shall consist of a minimum of 2 other community member volunteers.  Appointment of Committee members will be made by the Chairperson.


All committee members shall serve at the will of the LGBOD.  Formation of all committees requires the approval of the LGBOD.  The LGBOD has the right and authority to disband and discontinue any committee or subcommittee, as well as appoint or dismiss any committee member or subcommittee member, with or without cause.   The LGBOD may delegate any or all of the authorities vested in the Board by the Governing Documents of the HOA, to the Architectural Committee, and these authorities may change at any time in accordance with the desires of the Board.


The Architectural Committee shall provide an organized channel of communication between members and residents of LGHOA, the Property Manager, and the LGBOD.  The Committee may adopt, amend, repeal and publish architectural and design guidelines, standards and procedures to be used in rendering its decisions. The architectural and design guidelines may contain general provisions which are applicable to all of the Neighborhood Assessment Areas within the Project as well as provisions which vary from one Neighborhood Assessment Area to another depending upon the location, unique characteristics and intended use thereof.  Such guidelines, standards and procedures may include, without limitation, provisions regarding:

  • the size of the Residential Units;
  • architectural design, with regard to the harmony of the design with surrounding structures and topography;
  • placement of additions to or modifications of Residential Units and other buildings;
  • Driveway alignments for Residential Units;
  • landscaping design, content and conformance with the character of the Property and permitted/prohibited plants;
  • requirements concerning exterior color schemes, exterior finishes and materials;
  • signage; and
  • perimeter and screen wall design and appearance.

In addition,

  • the decision of the Committee shall be binding on all matters submitted to it pursuant to the CC&Rs.
  • the Committee may establish one or more subcommittees consisting of one or more members of the Committee and may delegate to such subcommittee or subcommittees the authority and power of the committee to approve or disapprove the construction, installation or alteration of Improvements within a specified Neighborhood Assessment Area, or the committee may delegate such authority to the community manager approved and hired by the Board.
  • all Committee decisions will be decided upon by the majority vote of the Architectural Committee members.


The Architectural Committee is not authorized to financially or legally obligate the LGHOA in any manner (i.e. contract for services, hire contractors, borrow money, purchase equipment or supplies, or approve such a request on behalf of the LGBOD) unless it has been specifically approved in the Annual Plan and Budget for the Committee or separately by the LGBOD.

The Committee shall meet at least once a quarter for review and discussion of assigned tasks.  The meeting minutes shall be forwarded to the LGHOA/LGBOD within 7 days after any meeting and will serve as a report to the BOD.

The LGBOD also has the right and authority to take action and/or make decisions with or without involving any committees and to take action and/or make decisions which are consistent with and/or contrary, in whole or in part, to any committee or subcommittee recommendations, should they see the need.  The LGBOD also has the right to amend this Charter, should it be required.