recap of parking issue

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courtesy of Gary Brent
Some of the highlights from Scott Hamlin last night are that they have already posted No Parking signs in Morrison Ranch where streets are between 26′ and 32′ wide. Parking is only allowed on one side of the streets for those roads. He said that they will be out in Lyons Gate next week physically measuring all the streets in the neighborhood to determine which ones will have signs put up. Undecided was whether the signs will be Fire Lane or No Parking signs. Also open for discussion was the cost and who was going to pay for it. Of course the board said the cost should fall on the city. He has said to me many times on the phone and again last night at the meeting, that the city tried to create a more neighborly approach by making neighborhood streets in Gilbert not very wide, however it has back fired. There are at least 100 other communities they will need to put signs up, due to the safety issue of firetrucks being able to pass safely with cars parked on the street. So this will be a costly fix for the city. I will keep you up to date with any further developments as I get them. Please always refer to for the latest neighborhood information.

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